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Operational plan for the resumption of dog shows

Societies are required to consider Government advice, including DEFRA, in place at the time when planning an event.  It is also worth noting that current advice is different for different parts of the United Kingdom and this needs to be taken into account when planning the event both in relation to the venue and expected participants.

Updated 11/08/2020

Societies are advised to hold smaller shows where possible to allow more space for social distancing and space around rings.  It is suggested that consideration is given to what classes / breeds are scheduled, especially in relation to stakes classes.  It is advisable to encourage specific timing for breeds / classes and once a class / breed has been judged and the dog has finished being shown exhibitors are requested to leave the venue to minimise the number of vehicles and people on site

It is anticipated that single breed shows are likely to be able to proceed in advance of larger general shows due to the numbers involved.

All societies must undertake their own Covid-19 specific risk assessment in addition to the normal risk assessment undertaken for all shows. If the risk assessment is not tailored to the Club’s own show it cannot help it to meaningfully address the risks and it will not be demonstrating that the Club has actively managed the risks for the safety of all participants and visitors.

All references to face masks also include face coverings as detailed in government guidance and must be provided by the exhibitor.

The following guidance should be included in risk assessments:

  • Rings must have a separate entrance and exit, which must be adhered to by all exhibitors
  • All judges must wear a mask at all times whilst in the ring. A judge may also wear a face shield if they wish
  • All exhibitors must wear a mask whilst in the ring
  • All exhibitors must ensure they remain socially distanced from other exhibitors whilst in the ring
  • It may be necessary for dogs to be in the ring on rotation if the ring is not large enough to accommodate all exhibits in one go with social distancing
  • The judge must hand sanitise after assessing each dog. Additional assessment should be kept to a minimum
  • The handler will show the dog’s teeth to the judge
  • The table, or ramp, if either are used must be wiped, by the steward, with appropriate wipes between each dog.

The following measures are suggested but must be adapted for each society depending on the circumstances, size of the ring etc.

  • It is suggested that separate tables are provided for the judge and the steward/s to assist with social distancing
  • Only the judge should handle the judge’s book and is responsible for updating it accordingly, including noting any absentees. Stewards must not handle any of the judge’s items such as glasses, pens etc
  • Award boards next to each ring are not provided to minimise the handling of the result sheets and overcrowding around the award board. A separate folder should be provided for the collation of result slips to be passed to the secretary after the completion of judging
  • Certificates / rosettes should be laid out, on a separate table if possible, in advance of judging and the exhibitors requested to collect them after each class to minimise contact. Judges must sanitise their hands prior to completing each certificate. Stewards / judges should stand back for this to be undertaken whilst maintaining social distancing
  • Any prize money should be available in envelopes with the awards. Societies should be mindful to minimise handling of cash
  • Ring numbers and catalogues (where applicable) to be prepared in envelopes for collection at a dedicated area
  • Rings should be large enough to accommodate the largest entry, taking into consideration social distancing requirements
  • Spectators must not be allowed to sit ring side to ensure social distancing is maintained with those exhibiting in the ring
  • Societies should consider whether trade stands will be admitted and if so whether any special arrangements need to be made
  • Societies should consider the various administrative items, how they are managed, by whom and whether they are needed. It may be that hand sanitiser is used after handling of various items
  • It is recommended that Miniature Dachshunds are not weighed, if they are weighed the scales must be cleaned after each dog by the steward
  • It is recommended that dogs are not measured. If measuring is undertaken, equipment must be cleaned after each dog, by the steward.

Societies are exempt from the following Regulations until 1 July 2021

Award Boards need not be provided and therefore the following regulations are suspended.

(1) Group and general championship shows:- A board within the ring on which the awards must be clearly displayed after each class, as soon as determined by the judge.

(2) Breed club championship shows, open and limited shows:- An area for the display of awards.