Breed Appreciation Day YSSC

In line with the Kennel Club Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)

The Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Club will continue to hold Breed Appreciation Days with Subsequent Multiple Choice Exam  and Hands on Assessment for A2/3 criteria in accordance with the  JEP. 

We have just held our BAD last year so we will not be planning to hold one this year.

The day would consist of a breed talk aiming to provide or reinforce the basic knowledge to establish  a Candidates/Judge’s understanding and appreciation of the breed, in order to take a subsequent Multiple Choice Breed Standard Exam (dependent on eligibility – see below*).  Attending the Breed Appreciation Day and passing the Multiple Choice Breed Standard Exam forms part of the criteria that will enable the candidate to attain Level 2 Status.  Subjects covered in the morning session will include a brief history of the breed, function of the breed and its correlation to its confirmation and movement and breed specifics.  All elements of the standard will be covered, and there will be live exhibits for candidates to handle to see finer points of the Breed.   The presentation of the Breed Standard is Open to All.

*t0 sit the Multiple Choice Exam (MCE) the following would be required  prior to the day:-

Candidates must either be already approved to award CC’s in a breed or must at least be a Level 1 Judge, appearing on ‘Find a Judge’ for the relevant breed. If a Breed Appreciation Day is held before the online system is available the organiser’s will accept on trust if a candidate states that they meet Level 1 requirements, as shown below:-

  1. Have a proven interest of a minimum of 5 years in pedigree dogs

  2. Completed a minimum of 2 full days of Stewarding appointments

  3. Attended a KC Requirements of a Dog Show Judge (RDSJ) Seminar (not mandatory to pass the exam)

  4. Attended a Kennel Club Conformation and Movement Seminar

The  Hands on Judging Assessment was limited to a maximum of 10 candidates of whom were required to be either on current A3 or B List for Shetland Sheepdogs.  The Assessment is for those aiming for the current A2 List before completion of the transition period within the current system.  Candidates will go over 5 dogs, watch them move and place the dogs.   all further updated criteria and information will be announced on the day.

ALL ENQUIRIES please contact:-

Denise Rowan (Breed Education Coordinator)

Telephone: (07712737658) Email: