Its been a busy year for Yorkshire Sheltie Rescue, we’ve had 8 shelties in for rehoming.

In January we ‘we had ‘Dusty and Sweep’ in, two boys sable and tri, aged 9 and 10.  Both friendly little dogs, both a little overweight and both had been clipped quite short

I was finding it very difficult to find a home that would take them as a pair.  but I did find 2 lovely families who lived a couple of miles from each other up in Scotland where they still get to see each other regularly and enjoy walks together.  Both have grown their coats back and both have lost the excess weight and look fabulous. 


In February we had ‘Quigley’ a 4 year old blue merle, he came in because he was barking excessively and had a tendency to nip the back of peoples legs.














If you are in need of help or can offer a permanent, loving home to a Sheltie in need, please contact
Mrs D Schofield – Tel: 07775906689