It’s  been a busy year for Yorkshire Sheltie Rescue, we’ve had 8 shelties in for rehoming.

In January we ‘we had ‘Dusty and Sweep’ in, two boys sable and tri, aged 9 and 10.  Both friendly little dogs, both a little overweight and both had been clipped quite short

I was finding it very difficult to find a home that would take them as a pair.  but I did find 2 lovely families who lived a couple of miles from each other up in Scotland where they still get to see each other regularly and enjoy walks together.  Both have grown their coats back and both have lost the excess weight and look fabulous. 

In February we had ‘Quigley’ a 4 year old blue merle, he came in because he was barking excessively and had a tendency to nip the back of peoples legs.  He was rehomed to a couple who had a rescue dog that had similar problems with nipping and barking and with a bit of training had sorted the problem.  Perfect I thought.  Quigley came back to us in March because of his barking and nipping.  He is now very settled in his forever home, no nipping and no excessive barking.

In April we had Milo, he was a very handsome tri boy aged 4 years old.  His breeder happily took him back and he is now settled in very nicely in his new home.

In May Basil came to us, a 9 year old sable dog who was diabetic and had to have insulin injections twice a day.  He stole my heart and the hearts of everyone who met him.  He was everyone’s best friend and ‘smiled too’, he was the perfect little man with no vices, he was perfect out on a walk and spent most of his day upside down in his bed or outside on the lawn in the shade of a bush.  He had been clipped off short and looked nothing like a sheltie.  Basil was with me for about 3 months.  Sadly Basil had other underlying health problems and following a short illness and a few days at the vet hospital it became evident that he wasn’t going to get better.  He went down quickly and following the vets advice Basil was pts.

In June Tammy came and 8 years old sable bitch who was overweight.  She is now living with a vet who put her on a diet and with exercise has got Tammy down to the correct weight.  She is very happy ion her new home.

In august we had father and son Teddy and cooper aged 10 and 8 years old, a Black nd white and a sable.  A very friendly pair.  Both were overweight and needed a bath and groom.  Both are now well settled in their new homes up in Scotland.

I would like to say a “Thank you” to the people who have helped with the transportation of these shelties either into sheltie rescue or to their new homes and a bit thank you to the Scottish Sheltie folk for your help in finding suitable homes.


Sheltie Rescue

Sheltie Rescue is supported entirely by donations and any offers of help are very much appreciated.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have continued to donate and support the Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Rescue

If you are in need of help or can offer  permanent, loving home to a sheltie please contact :


Mrs. Debbie Schofield

Tel: 0777 590 6689